I once was an ordinary programmer developing websites and corporate applications for big business. Then it all changed when my employers bought a company which produced advanced digital media and cutting edge technology, particularly virtual reality and augmented reality.

While continuing with my existing role, I started by supporting and enhancing a Microsoft Access database for them which was used for their orders and projects for one day a week, very cutting edge. But then I was asked to add database functionality to a project which tracked feet on a treadmill for medical research.

As work was drying up in my previous position, I was asked if I would like to work at this new company on trial basis for a month, and I found myself developing a driving simulator in virtual reality, a virtual reality experience in fashion and on one bizarre day, appearing on the Paul O’Grady Show with Christopher Eccleston and Russell Tovey.

I have worked on VR and AR projects, 360 video (in stereo), hand and body tracking and multi touch surfaces, learning about this new digital world all the time and I thought it might be an idea to start writing about what I learn.